Afro-surrealistic dark comedy

.Nevel is currently in development with support of the Netherlands Film Fund


A suicidal artist trapped in an unescapable existence, is questioning whether his life is a simulated prison created by someone else or a painful illusion, stimulating a deep existential reflection.

A Dutch-Antillean artist, trapped in an inexplicable existence, grapples with suicide and
exploitation. As he seeks answers in a mysterious clinic, a misdiagnosis fuels despair. A
cryptic message offers a glimmer of hope, unraveling a existential crisis, and the potential
for transformation amid the shadows of trauma.


Experience the mind-bending journey of ‘.Nevel’ a dark Afro-surrealistic comedy that
challenges reality itself. Join Djunie, a suicidal black artist who believes he’s an enigmatic
glitch in an inescapable system. In his home town, he grapples with an uncanny immortality that defies logic. Is he trapped within a simulation crafted by a white Dutch man, or is it a haunting illusion born from the scars of his past?


Herbert Alfonso
Herbert Alfonso
Jonathan J Smit

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